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Our guide to home care packages

Our guide to home care packages

From learning about how to apply for funding to connecting with quality providers, at myHomecare we help you every step of the way.

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    Just starting out

    If you're just starting your home care journey, haven't registered with My Aged Care and need support myHomecare is here to help.

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    Assessed and waiting

    If your needs have been assessed and you're awaiting your home care package, find out about interim services and what to do whilst you wait.

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    Ready to find a provider or switch?

    If your home care package has been approved, find a local provider or see how easy it is to switch to a new partner in home care.

How home care can help you

Clinical Nursing Experienced and fully trained

Personal careA caring and considered approach

Flexible Respite Always ready to help

Social SupportKeeping you socially active

Domestic Assistance Let us lighten the load

Home & Garden Maintaining your oasis

Allied HealthKeeping you strong and healthy

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Trusted in the home care community

At myHomecare we are proud to be part of many groups and associations. We thank our partners who continue to support our clients and their families.

It begins with a chat

Whether this is a journey you’re considering for yourself, with a partner, or on behalf of a loved one, it doesn’t need to be difficult. home care is a great way to make it easier to maintain independence, and the first step is often just a conversation. Talking can help you better make sense of things, so grab a neighbour, a friend, a loved one and start the conversation. And when you’re ready, start talking to us, and see how easy this journey can be.

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Learn more about home care

Registering with My Aged Care

My Aged Care will ask you a series of questions regarding your personal details. Get ready to contact My Aged Care.

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What is a Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package provides government funded services that will help you to remain at home for as long as possible.

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What help and support can I get at home?

Home care is designed to support you with various tasks that might be getting harder as you get older; to keep doing the things you can do and want to do.

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The My Aged Care process explained

My Aged Care is the Australian Government-funded organisation for aged care services. We can help you navigate this.

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Accessing care while you wait for your HCP

Depending on availability, we may be able to support you with interim services through the governments support programs.

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Understanding the costs and fees of home care

No doubt you are interested in the types of fees that apply to your care - all providers have items that are included in your budget.

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Your options to fund your own Home Care

We can provide Private Care for you or a loved one if you wish to fund your everyday services for help around the home privately.

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What to consider when looking for a provider

Understanding home care and choosing a provider can be confusing. Learn more about the things to consider when choosing or switching providers.

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Not happy and looking to switch providers?

Regardless of the reason, if you’re unhappy with the current services or you’re looking for a new provider based on your changing needs.

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Customer success stories

Betty Hindle – Switching Providers on Level 4 HCP

Betty wanted to switch home care providers to personalised Level 4 home care package to meet her needs.

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Susan and Liz –
Maximising care hours

Susan gave us a call on behalf of her aunt Liz after she received approval of a Level 2 home care package.

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Amanda and Irene –
From CHSP to HCP

Amanda wanted to get further support for her mother Irene by understanding how to apply for the right home care package.

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