Department of Veteran Affairs & the Veteran’s Home Care Program

The Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) and the Veteran’s Home Care (VHC) Program are two types of funding for veterans and family. DVA funds veterans and war widows with nursing, personal care and medical treatment/s, whilst Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) is designed to help veterans and war widows to live independently at home by providing a small amount of practical help.

How does it work?

DVA or DVA Community Nursing provides veterans and or war widows and their family with necessary support and services to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. This could be clinical care, covering wound care, medication management, or assistance from a recent hospital admission. DVA also may include personal care that includes showering and or assisted dressing.  

Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) Program can assist veterans and their dependents to continue living in their home. The Program provides a range of home care services designed to maintain independence. These could include domestic assistance, in-home respite and home and garden maintenance.


Who is eligible for DVA or VHC program?

Veterans and war widowers are eligible to be assessed for all DVA services. To receive a DVA  service, the veteran must be assessed by their local Veterans’ Home Care Assessment agency.


What home care services does DVA or VHC cover?

VHC provides a range of home care services designed to meet your needs including Domestic Assistance, Respite Care and Home and Garden Maintenance. 

The types of DVA Community Nursing services that may be provided include Case Management, Personal Care, Wound Care, Incontinence management, medication management, rehabilitation, chronic disease management, palliative care and pain management or making referrals to other allied health and community care services as needed.


How do I apply for DVA Community Nursing or VHC?

All DVA or VHC services are subsidised by the Australian Government through the Department of Veterans Affairs. There is a fee co-payment required to be paid by the program recipient. This will be determined by the VHC assessment agency.

To apply you can call myHomecare to help you through the process and to understand your options of getting the care you need.


Where can I find more information on DVA or VHC?

To contact your local VHC agency for a phone-based assessment, please call:

DVA agency phone number – 1300 550 450

Following a request from the VHC assessment agency, myHomecare will arrange a convenient time to complete an assessment and commence the delivery of the approved DVA service.

How can myHomecare help?

Depending on your region and availability of funding in your area, myHomecare is here to help. Our friendly contact team can talk you through your options or after you speak to your DVA agency representative, we can talk you through your options.  

We’ve helped thousands of people understand both DVA and home care options so give us a call today and we’re on hand to help you through the process.

Learn more about DVA and VHC in your area


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