Keeping clients and staff safe

Our priority is to maintain and protect the health and wellbeing of our clients and staff

Here is the latest update from myHomecare:

  • Compliance

    • We are actively monitoring and managing the  Department of Health updates and recommendations to keep our staff and clients safe
    • We are being mindful of keeping 1.5m social distance in our office and during client visits
  • Best hygiene practices for our staff

    • We are washing  our hands regularly and correctly
    • We are continuing to regularly sanitise
  • The use of Masks in hot spots or impacted areas throughout Australia

    • During all client visits
    • For client transport
    • During close client contact
    • In public spaces in impacted area
  • Staff wellbeing

    • Most staff have been working remotely since December 14, where applicable and we will continue to be flexible in the best interest of our staff and clients
    • Temperature checks are done when entering all office locations for
      • Staff
      • Visitors
    • For NSW clients, No staff are travelling between offices in the Greater Sydney area without prior permission [more]
    • We continue to provide updates as they come to hand
    • We are using a dedicated email for staff to contact us with any questions about COVID-19

Thank you to our clients and team for their diligence in creating a safe environment for us to continue to work and care for each other and our local communities.

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