Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC)

Short-Term Restorative Care is designed to help you reverse or slow the difficulties you are having with everyday tasks. With a view to improve wellbeing through the coordinated delivery of tailored services, the 8 week program is goal-oriented, involves a multi-disciplinary team, is personalised for and approved by the client. If you wish to return to earlier levels of independence, short-term restorative care could be an option for you. It can delay the need for long-term care and support services.

How does it work?

myHomecare is a Short-Term Restorative Care provider who will work with you to identify your goals. We will then put together a team to help you work toward those goals, including a doctor to treat any medical conditions. Your family and friends are encouraged to be involved in your care. The program works best when you have the support of family, friends, and health professionals.


Who can access Short-Term Restorative Care?

You may be eligible for short-term restorative care if you are an older person who wants to stay independent, out of long-term ongoing care but:

      • Needs help with everyday tasks
      • Is slowing down mentally, or physically or both, for example:
        • your walking speed has slowed greatly
        • you have trouble holding or gripping objects
        • you are doing ‘less’, either physically or mentally
        • you have increased levels of exhaustion
        • you have experienced unintended weightloss


How long is the program?

You can access STRC for periods up to eight weeks, twice in any 12-month period.


What STRC services do we provide?

The types of services provided through STRC will be guided by a doctor’s assessment. This will ensure your medical needs are met. Service will be selected with your input and chosen to meet your needs. Services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Clinical Specialist
  • Aids and equipment


What level of assistance is available?

What this looks like will be different for everyone. It could involve a program of activities and exercises to improve strength and balance. It may also mean providing you with a wheelchair or organising transport to help you get around, or making minor modifications around the house.


Is there a cost?

The STRC program guidelines require clients to contribute to the cost of service delivery. Clients contribute a weekly program maintenance fee that is based on 17.5% of the maximum basic rate of pension.

In accordance with the myHomecare fees policy, no client who is genuinely financially disadvantaged is refused service.


How do we meet our client’s special needs?

myHomecare services are planned to meet the individual needs of clients. Care Plans are developed with consideration for a client’s specific language, cultural and religious requirements.

myHomecare maintains close working relationships with local Veteran, Dementia, CALD and ATSI communities. If you would like to discuss your particular requirements please contact us.

Private funded care

For over 75 years myHomecare’s pioneering businesses have been offering their clients a simple way to access the full range of in-home services under a private funding arrangement. Learn more about private funded care

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