In Home Dementia Support

Nearly half a million Australians live with dementia. Whether you or a loved one is living with dementia, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Our caring registered nurses and in-home care support services teams are on hand to assist when you or your loved ones need it most.

Caring for your dementia needs

Dementia can affect a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks. One of the most common causes of dementia is Alzheimer’s where memory loss, language and problem-solving skills can be most affected. Our caring team of professionals can help you navigate your way through this difficult time with the support of our specialised nurses who are experts in caring for people living with dementia. We provide the right care that will allow you to stay where you feel most comfortable – in your own home.

Helping someone with dementia

  • Communicate clearly and patiently
  • Be mindful of the symptoms
  • Early intervention is key
  • Get out into nature
  • Keep active and engaged
  • Ensure household safety
  • Seek in-home support
  • Good nutrition is important
  • Medical and nursing support
  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Socialise with friends and family
  • Get plenty of sleep

Let myHomecare help you

First, we get to know you. Our tailored approach means that you get the dementia care you need and want, because we believe that the best way to help you is to listen.

The care you need made simple with myHomecare WE WILL BE WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY

Once you’ve decided that Home Care is right for you, we’ll assist you with the rest. From working out what services you need, how to access funding or working with our providers to ensure your goals are achieved – we personalise your journey from the very start.

“We believe that people are happiest at home and our mission is to help them stay there for longer”

The MyHomecare Team

“We believe that people are happiest at home and our mission is to help them stay there” THE MYHOMECARE TEAM
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    Once you create your profile, we’ll contact you within 24 hours to help build your personalised journey.

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    Read our Home Care Guide – it’s free to download and full of important information you should know about accessing home care.

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    From starting your come care journey to building your Care Plan, we’ll support you every step of the way.

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