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Latest News

Christmas 2021 Newsletter

In this festive edition, you can find information on 3 ways to get extra support this summer, 5 tips to stay cool this summer, A delicious Christmas Day recipe the family will rave about, and much more! For Central Coast Readers: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR CHRISTMAS NEWSLETTER  For Hunter Valley and Newcastle Readers: CLICK HERE…

Essential Services Update for Greater Sydney

Essential Services for Greater Sydney Home care for the ageing population of Australia is an essential service In Greater Sydney, our staff will always carry proof of their address to comply with the direction of our state government Our carers and clients will wear masks for all client services, including indoors Update to myHomecare Services…

An update from myHomecare

NSW Health has announced a directive that all Home Care Clients must wear surgical masks while receiving their home care services from Home Care Service Providers NSW Health has announced a directive that all Home Care Clients must wear surgical masks while receiving their home care services from Home care service providers. This NSW Health…

10 Winter Warmer Tips

Being comfortable and being warm together 1)    Dress the part Go for layers of looser fitting clothing to trap in your body heat Wear natural fibres like wool, cotton and silk Hats and scarves can look and feel great Gloves can make a big difference when you are in the wind outdoors 2)    Keep your…

An update from myHomecare

Stay up-to-date with the latest Coronavirus Health Alerts and find out how the Australian Government Department of Health is monitoring and responding to the pandemic The Health alerts also report the latest case numbers,  official medical advice and information treatment CLICK HERE Stay up to date with your relevant State updates Check your local state and territory website…

Protecting Wellbeing and safety

To ensure we are protecting the wellbeing and safety of our clients and our team, we commit to ensuring; We have robust protocols for infection control in place following the Department of Health guidelines Our team receive regular notifications and instructions in relation to any changes to hot spots and mask-wearing requirements Any team members…

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