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Enrich Living Services have dedicated the last 20 years to offering professional care for older Australians right across the country. What inspires us most is hearing what really matters to our clients for supporting happier, more fulfilled lives. It is this inspiration that is at the heart of Enrich Living Services. It is our vision to support, encourage and most importantly empower people to live their lives to the full.

Experience our local home care difference

Enrich is focused on helping individuals, families and couples where it really matters to them – personalising living services to support meaningful, rewarding, healthy and inspired lives. This stems from our clients telling us that it was important to feel a sense of belonging, control, to give back to friends, family and the community, to thrive socially and to occupy their lives with meaningful interactions to live fulfilling and independent lives.

Respect client preferences

We see the individual and are constantly curious about what makes them who they are – what they need and expect, what makes them happy. We are open to difference. We are really good listeners.

Embrace Initiative and imagination

We use common sense and take initiative to deliver solutions. We create opportunities instead of waiting for them to come. We are truth seekers and challenge the status quo. We embrace imagination, intuition and new ideas.

Focused on teamwork

We build positive relationships and offer and accept support. We are dedicated to honest, transparent and open communications. We are accountable to each other, to clients, to the goals of the organisation.

Passionate about delivering

We are passionate about success for our clients and each other. We bring positivity, enthusiasm, energy and creativity to surprise and delight. We are compassionate and big-hearted.

Engaging social programs

We are passionate about success for our clients and each other. We bring positivity, enthusiasm, energy and creativity to surprise and delight. We are compassionate and big-hearted.

Government programs

Having an environment which is clean, tidy and safe can help you feel independent, in control and promote an enjoyable quality of life. We help you manage jobs at home giving you peace of mind.

Local help at home you can count on


    Help with hygiene, accessibility, personal grooming and showering.


    Assessments, rehabilitation, wound care and dementia care.


    Physiotherapy, exercise, social, speech therapy and OT support.


    Cleaning, dishwashing, laundry, sweeping and unescorted shopping.


    Mowing lawns, gardening, basic home repairs and home support.


    Giving your carer a well-earned break, including overnight care.


    Support with shopping, errands, outings and appointments.


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Betty wanted to switch home care providers to personalised Level 4 home care package to meet her needs.

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Susan and Liz –
Maximising care hours

Susan gave us a call on behalf of her aunt Liz after she received approval of a Level 2 home care package.

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